2 brave adventurers are attempting to swim the whole way around Ireland in under 4 months

David Burns and Maghnus Collins will do it again


...is always good! We think that there is no bad weather but there is bad planning and inappropriate clothing. As a matter of fact it is one of the reasons that we enjoy Edernish so much is that the weather is always changing and thus you have to adopt all the time. As far as the planning is concerned we use a little bit of technology to be better prepared.

Edernish is basically a granite rock in the ocean that - over the millions of years - was covered with soil on which grass, flowers, shrubs and trees developed. Nowadays the island is about 60% grass and shrubs 5% lakes and the balance is covered with trees.

    Edernish was bought by Emerson Herdman from Sion Mills and he built the house in 1904. It is a wooden house and was erected by a Norwegian firm. The Herdman’s used the house as a summer retreat for many years but sold it then in 1935.